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Restaurants in Dingle

A selection of restaurants close by accessed by the public  footpath.

Out of The Blue:

This seafood only restaurant is located along the footpath via the waterfront from Emlagh House, five minutes away. Tim Mason & his team have a unique philosophy about what they do:

Everything depends upon the catch of the day and nothing but the best will do. If there’s no fish, the restaurant doesn’t open.The menu, given on blackboards, changes every day offering a huge variety of whatever is available from the boats that morning. Anyone who is lucky enough to get a table in this small casual restaurant can expect seriously delicious seafood cookery

The Half Door

 Located within an eight minute walk of Emlagh House.  This restaurant is well established and gives the discerning customer a great choice.  The Half door restaurant offers excellent fish, meat and vegetarian options.

Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant

Located less than 10 minutes stroll from the house, run chef Sean Roche who endeavours to serve great food in a relaxed and friendly setting and continue to maintain a strong commitment to the sourcing of sustainable seafood, working very closely with local suppliers to serve the best of local and seasonal produce

Solas Tapas

This is a lovely gem of a restaurant which is constantly changing and updating it’s menu while keeping some of its popular choices. As it’s name suggests you can choose a number of tapas style options or go for their more substantial mains.

Lord Bakers Restaurant

On Main Street just over 7 minutes from Emlagh House, Lord Bakers is a long established family-run business and all their ingredients are locally sourced. Dishes are prepared so as to allow the freshness of the ingredients to shine through. Main courses include the roast rack of spring lamb and fresh fish catch of the day.

Danno’s Bar and Restaurant 

We recommend this restaurant for a more casual dining experience.  The menu is full of great fare.  There is an outdoor seating area for those fine days.

Bob Griffin’s Bar–  Before or after your dinner we would suggest stopping by this lovely pub where you can indulge in a freshly made cocktail or mocktail, a creamy pint of Guinness or choose from the selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks in a delightfully unique hostelry.


There are also many bars & cafes in Dingle offering a large variety of choices to cater to all tastes, we are happy to recommend many of these to suit your requirements on the day.

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